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X10SRH-CLN4F Fast Storage Solution Server ATX, E5-2600 V3, 18-cores, 512Gb High Speed DDR4, 8x SAS3, 10x SATA3, 6x PCI-E slots. Storage, HPC and Data Center.

X10DRi-T DP socket R3 support for E5-2600 v3, 1TB DDR4, 10x SATA3. Expansion Potential and enhanced connectivity.

X10DAX DP socket R3 support for E5-2600 V3, 1TB DDR4, 2x GbE, 10x SATA3. Performance boost with Hyper Spped.

SYS-5018D-FN4T 1U, Intel 8-core D-1540 Embedded Processor, Best Performance per Watt, Front-IO, Fast to Build and deploy, 2x 3.5in Drive Bays or 4x 2.5'' Sata2 bays, Dual 10GbE LAN, IPMI

SYS-5028D-TN4T Mini Tower, Intel 8-core D-1540 Embedded Processor for cloud and virtualization, high performance NAS servers, 4x 3.5'' hot swap drive bays, 2x 2.5'' fixed bays, Dual 10GbE LAN, IPMI

ULTRA Servers Supermicro's latest SuperSever product line designed to deliver unrivaled performance, flexibility, scalability, and serviceability that is ideal for demanding enterprise workloads.

Data Center Optimized Solutions Supermicro has designed a new class of SuperServer systems optimized to meet the latest and most stringent data center power efficiency requirements.

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