CD-RW 4x 700MB 80min - Spindle (pack of

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TDK Life on Record CD-RW rewritable recording media is designed for recording in computer drives. With 700MB capacity, each TDK CD-R can store up to 80 minutes of non-compressed, CD-quality music, hundreds of digital photos or large data files. These high performance discs can be played in most CD or DVD/CD players, computer drives, and game consoles. A single TDK CD-RW can be re-recorded with new data hundreds of times, making it ideal for any application where you may want to replace a discs old data with updated content. Repeatedly use the same disc for regularly scheduled hard drive backups, to make fresh music and MP3 mixes for the road, and more.


  • Capacity :700 MB
  • Included Qty :25
  • Recording Time :80 Min
  • Type :CD-R
  • Write Speed :4x

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