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Supermicro CBL-0180L-01 SATA Cable Set -27.5/23.2/18.9/15 inches

  • Compatible with various Supermicro Systems

  • SATA Set of Round Straight-Right Angle 70/59/48/38cm Cable

  • Perfect for SATA set of Round Straight-Right Angle Applications

SATA Cable Set - Includes 4 round S-RA Cables (27.5in, 23.2in, 18.9in, 15in) - PB-Free



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    • The Supermicro CBL-0180L-01 enables SATA 4 round straight-right angle connections for storage.

    • This cable is compliant with T10 and SFF standard and is verified with Supermicro servers, AOC cards, and storage.

    • This cable is also available in 56/45.5/35/23cm cable length.

    • Each Supermicro cable is validated to ensure quality and performance.

    Extra Specifications for Supermicro CBL-0180L-01 SATA Cable Set -27.5/23.2/18.9/15 inches

    Main Specifications
    Device TypeSATA Cables
    Length27.5/23.2/18.9/15 inches
    Included Quantity1
    Connectors (Other Side)SATA
    Compatible WithSystems: SYS-6017R-TDAF, SYS-6027R-TDARF, SYS-6017R-TDF, SYS-6015C-NTB, SYS-6015C-NTRB, SYS-6017R-TDF+, SYS-6018R-TD, SYS-6018R-TDTPR, SYS-5018A-MLHN4, SYS-5018A-MHN4, SYS-6017R-TDT+, SYS-6027R-TDT+, SYS-6018R-TDTP, SYS-5018R-WR, SYS-5019S-WR
    Systems: SYS-5018A-MHN4, SYS-5018A-MLHN4, SYS-5018D-MHR7N4P, SYS-5018R-WR, SYS-5019P-WT, SYS-5019P-WTR, SYS-5019S-W4TR, SYS-5019S-WR, SYS-6017R-TDAF, SYS-6017R-TDF, SYS-6017R-TDF+, SYS-6017R-TDT+, SYS-6018R-TD, SYS-6018R-TDTP, SYS-6018R-TDTPR, SYS-6027R-TDARF, SYS-6027R-TDT+
    Compliant StandardsRoHS / REACH
    Key ApplicationPerfect for SATA set of Round Straight-Right Angle Applications
    Warranty:3 years, 120 days advanced replacement (DOA)
    Phone No.:305-640-0300
    URL:Click here for Manufacturer Website
    Coverage:Replacement or Repair
    Average Service Time:Overnight Replacement for 120 days, 2 weeks afterwards
    If you need Technical Support for this item please contact:

    Provider:Supermicro Computer, Inc.
    Type of Support:FULL
    Phone No: 408-503-8029
    URL:Click here for Manufacturer Website