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Supermicro CBL-0228L 21.65in SATA Round S-RA Cable PB-Free

  • Compatible with various Supermicro Systems

  • Perfect for SATA Round Straight-Right Angle Applications

  • Verified with Supermicro servers, AOC cards, and storage

  • Each Supermicro cable is validated to ensure quality and performance

21.65in, SATA Round S-RA Cable, PB-Free - S-RA (Straight - Right Angle)



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    • The Supermicro CBL-0228L enables SATA round straight-right angle connections for storage.

    • This cable is compliant with T10 and SFF standard and is verified with Supermicro servers, AOC cards, and storage.

    • This cable is also available in 40cm, 43cm, and 48cm cable length. Each Supermicro cable is validated to ensure quality and performance.

    Extra Specifications for Supermicro CBL-0228L 21.65in SATA Round S-RA Cable PB-Free

    Main Specifications
    Device TypeSATA Cable
    Length21.65 in
    Included Quantity1
    Connectors (Other Side)SATA
    Compatible WithSYS-1027GR-TRF+, SYS-1027GR-TRFT+, SYS-1027R-WC1R, SYS-1027R-WC1RT, SYS-1027GR-TQF, SYS-1027GR-TQFT, SYS-1027TR-TFF, SYS-1027TR-TQF, SYS-1027TR-TF, SYS-5028R-WR, SYS-8027R-TRF+, SYS-1027GR-TSF, SYS-1027GR-TRF, SYS-1027GR-TRFT, SYS-5027R-WRF, SYS-1017GR-TF, SYS-8026B-TRF, AS-1122GG-TF, AS-2042G-TRF, SYS-5016I-NTF, AS-2042G-6RF, SYS-1026GT-TF, SYS-1026TT-TF, AS-1021TM-INF+B, SYS-1026TT-IBQF, SYS-1026TT-IBXF, AS-2041M-T2R+B, AS-2041M-32R+B, SYS-8028B-TR3F, SYS-8028B-TR4F, SYS-1018D-FRN8T, SYS-1017GR-TF, SYS-1018D-FRN8T, SYS-1027GR-TQF, SYS-1027GR-TQFT, SYS-1027GR-TRF, SYS-1027GR-TRF+, SYS-1027GR-TRFT, SYS-1027GR-TRFT+, SYS-1027GR-TSF, SYS-5027R-WRF, SYS-5028R-WR, SYS-5029P-WTR, SYS-8026B-TRF, SYS-8027R-TRF+, SYS-8028B-TR3F, SYS-8028B-TR4F
    Compliant StandardsRoHS / REACH
    NamePart NumberQuantityDescription
    NamePart NumberQuantityDescription
    Warranty:3 years, 120 days advanced replacement (DOA)
    Phone No.:305-640-0300
    URL:Click here for Manufacturer Website
    Coverage:Replacement or Repair
    Average Service Time:Overnight Replacement for 120 days, 2 weeks afterwards
    If you need Technical Support for this item please contact:

    Provider:Supermicro Computer, Inc.
    Type of Support:FULL
    Phone No: 408-503-8029
    URL:Click here for Manufacturer Website