Supermicro 2-Port M.2 SATA3 Add-on Card Hardware RAID1 for X12 FatTwin, AOC-SMG4-2M2-F

Carrier Card M.2 NVMe, Supports 2x Solid State Drives (SSDs) NVMe M.2 in the following form factors: 42mm, 60mm, and 80mm, The following combinations are supported: Two 42, 60 or 80mm, One 42 and one 60mm, One 42 and one 80mm, One 60 and one 80mm, Designed for Supermicro Server SYS-F610P2-RTN, SYS-F620P3-RTBN and Motherboard: X12DPFR-AN6 - (NO SATA) (AOC-SMG4-2M2-F-O)



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