Supermicro 2-Port M.2 SATA3 Add-on Card Gen3 PCIe x8 RAID 0 & 1 for X11, X12, H11, H12 Based Systems, AOC-SLG3-2SM2

  • Adjustable stand-offs, Supports RAID 0, 1

  • On-board LEDs for SSD Activity and Status

  • Dual M-Key sockets (for 2x SATA RAID)

  • Compatible with Various Supermicro Servers 

Carrier Card M.2 SATA RAID, Supports 2x SATA Solid State Drives (SSDs), M-Key sockets, Adjustable Standoffs in the following form factors: 22110, 2280, & 2242, Broadcom SAS3408 Tomcat I/O RAID Controller, PCIe 3.0 x8 low-profile card, Onboard : LEDs for SSD Activity and Status, OS Support : Windows, Linux, and VMWare, Designed for Supermicro Server AS-1014S-WTRT, AS-1124US-TNRP, AS-2014CS-TR, SYS-1029U-TR25M, SYS-110P-WTR, SYS-120U-TNR, SYS-510P-M, SYS-510P-WTR, SYS-610U-TNR, SYS-730A-I, SYS-740A-T, Motherboards H11DST-B, H12DST-B, H12DSU-iN, H12DSU-iNR, H12SST-PS, H12SSW-iNR, H12SSW-NT, H12SSW-NTR, X11DPH-I, X11DPH-T, X11DPH-TQ, X11DPU, X11SPH-nCTF, X11SPH-nCTPF, X11SPW-CTF, X11SPW-TF, X12DPI-N6, X12DPI-NT6, X12DPU-6, X12SPO-F, X12SPW-F - RoHS Compliant 6/6, Pb Free (AOC-SLG3-2SM2-O)



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