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Supermicro CBL-CDAT-0661 15.7in 8-pin to 8-pin round SGPIO cable

  • Assembled with 28 AWG cable

  • 8 pin to 8 pin round SGPIO cable

  • Fully tested and validated by Supermicro

  • 100% Tested in an end-to-end, Easy installation

15.7in 8-pin to 8-pin round SGPIO cable, 28AWG, pinout 1-1



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    The Supermicro CBL-CDAT-0661 enables SGPIO 8-Pin female to 8-Pin female cable. This cable is compliant with T10 and SFF standards and is verified with Supermicro servers and motherboard. Each Supermicro cable is validated to ensure quality and performance

    Extra Specifications for Supermicro CBL-CDAT-0661 15.7in 8-pin to 8-pin round SGPIO cable

    Main Specifications
    Device TypeRound SGPIO cable
    Included Quantity1
    Length40 cm
    ConnectorsSGPIO 8-Pin Female
    Connectors (Other Side)SGPIO 8-Pin Female
    Compatible ServersSYS-1028R-WTR, SYS-1028R-WTRT, SYS-5018GR-T, SYS-5019GP-TT, SYS-5019P-MT, SYS-5019P-MTR, SYS-5019S-M, SYS-5019S-M-G1585L, SYS-5019S-M2, SYS-5019S-MN4, SYS-5019S-MR, SYS-5019S-MR-G1585L, SYS-5019S-MT, SYS-5049A-TR, SYS-6018R-MT, SYS-6018R-MTR, SYS-6018R-TDTP, SYS-6018R-TDTPR, SYS-6018R-WTR, SYS-6018R-WTRT, SYS-6019P-MT, SYS-6019P-MTR, SYS-6028R-T, SYS-6028R-TR, SYS-6028R-TRT, SYS-6028R-TT, SYS-6028R-WTR, SYS-6028R-WTRT, SYS-6038R-TXR, SYS-6048R-TXR, SYS-7048A-T, SYS-7048GR-TR, SYS-7048R-C1R, SYS-7048R-C1R4+, SYS-7048R-C1RT, SYS-7048R-C1RT4+, SYS-7048R-TR, SYS-7048R-TRT
    Compliant StandardsRoHS / REACH
    NamePart NumberQuantityDescription
    NamePart NumberQuantityDescription
    Warranty:3 years, 120 days advanced replacement (DOA)
    Phone No.:305-640-0300
    URL:Click here for Manufacturer Website
    Coverage:Replacement or Repair
    Average Service Time:Overnight Replacement for 120 days, 2 weeks afterwards
    If you need Technical Support for this item please contact:

    Provider:Supermicro Computer, Inc.
    Type of Support:FULL
    Phone No: 408-503-8029
    URL:Click here for Manufacturer Website