Supermicro CBL-CDAT-0680-55 Chassis Data Cable NCSI 2x 10F to 2x 10F, IDC, PH2 54/55CM

Internal Cable - Network Communication Services Interface (NCSI), Length: 54/55CM, Connector: 2x 10F to 2x 10F, IDC, PH2 Shield, 28 American Wire Gauge, Compatible With Supermicro SuperChassis LB16AC10-R860AW, LB13AC2-R860AW, LA15TQC-R860AW, 735D4-668B And SuperServer SYS-420GU-TNXR, SYS-530A-IL, SYS-610C-TR, SYS-121C-TN10R, SYS-120C-TN10R, AS -1015CS-TNR, AS -1115CS-TNR, AS -4124GQ-TNMI, SYS-111C-NR, SYS-120C-TR, SYS-121C-TN2R, SYS-611C-TN4R, SYS-730A-I, SYS-421GU-TNXR, SYS-531A-I, SYS-531A-IL - (CBL-CDAT-0680-55)



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