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Server Solutions

CIB - Cluster-in-a-Box

Mission Critical, Enterprise Storage at an Affordable Price

The SuperStorage Bridge Bay (Super SBB) running Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 Standard will enable SMB and Branch Offices to deploy reliable, continuous availability storage.

ULTRA Servers

Performance, Flexibility, Scalability and Serviceability

Supermicro's latest SuperSever product line designed to deliver unrivaled performance, flexibility, scalability, and serviceability that is ideal for demanding enterprise workloads.

Embedded Solutions

High Efficiency. High Performance. Compact Form Factor.

Flexible and customized solutions for critical OEM projects, as well as advanced designs for stringent environments, firmware customization and BOM enhancements.

WIO SuperServers

New Intel X10 Solutions

Supermicro WIO SuperServers are optimized for General Purpose, ERP/MRP, and Network and Security Appliance Applications.

Gaming Rig

Extreme Performance with Hardware Acceleration

Built with durable, dependable server grade (24/7 continuous operation) components.

Cloud Gaming

Amazing Gaming. Anywhere.

Supermicro's SuperServer® based cloud gaming solutions incorporating NVIDIA's K340 and K520 cards provide the best performance and power efficiency for on-demand gaming services.

NVMe Storage Servers

Large Storage Performance and Power Efficiency

NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) is a scalable, high performance CPU PCI-E Gen3 direct connnect to NVMe devices, designed for Client and Enterprise server systems using SSDs technology, that was developed to reduce latency and provide faster CPU to data storage device performance.

GPU/Xeon Phi™ Solutions

High-Performance, Enterprise-Class Supercomputing.

Unified with the latest Intel Xeon processors utilizing common instruction sets and Xeon Phi's multiple programming models, it is easier to port parallel computing applications in the hybrid environment and take advantage of the powerful processing resources of Supermicro's HPC platforms.

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