Why Us?

High Performance Computing Excellence for over 30 years

There are many enterprise hardware vendors, but none like Wiredzone. We’ve been in business since 1998, which means we’re here to stay. It also means we deliver on our promises, a fact supported by our customer base of more than 70,000 government agencies, universities, businesses, and end-users. So, before you choose a hardware vendor, consider why so many enterprise users have chosen Wiredzone.

Low prices are just the beginning

Wiredzone is widely known to have the best prices on top-name brands. We often have lower prices than Amazon, Newegg, and other big resellers. In fact, if you find a lower price we will do our best to match or beat it. Some resellers offer impossibly low prices because they offer cheap commodity products, make returns difficult, and do not have items in stock.

We stand behind everything we sell

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. That goes beyond having great prices. It means we stand behind every server, switch, or another component we sell. Our 25-day return policy gives you the choice of getting a refund or a replacement unit. If you are in a hurry, we can arrange to cross-ship a replacement while your return is still in transit.

We give you reliable technical advice

Our engineering and support team can advise you on server and storage platforms for any environment. We understand the needs of mission-critical applications for research, simulations, astrophysics and medical imaging. We are also experts in high-density cloud and HPC computing for data farms, search engines, and other high-demand requirements. Enterprise business environments require complex integrations; we know how to mitigate compatibility and security issues. We go the extra mile to make sure you have true solutions, not just hardware, and never charge a consulting fee for our technical advice.

We have what you need

We offer the latest generations of servers, workstations, blades, storage, and GPU systems. As an authorized Supermicro reseller, we can provide end-to-end solutions for data centers, enterprise IT, cloud computing, high-performance computing, and embedded platforms.

We ship many products the same day

We ship most products within 72 hours, but many are in stock and ready to be shipped the same day. Lower-priced competitors often have lead times of up to six weeks.

We build customized enterprise systems

We build customized rack, stack, and cabling integrated into custom enclosures for education, research, and business organizations. Our engineers configure every server assembly, including virtualized servers, based upon your specific needs, resources, and applications. All custom configurations are shipped pre-tested and ready to use. Want the impossible? Just ask us. We offer a rapid turnaround on custom builds and OEM appliances, including your own branding.

We are a leading international reseller

In the 1990s, we quickly became the leading enterprise hardware reseller for Latin America markets. Today, we work with organizations located around the globe. We understand the export process and work diligently with global freight companies to ship your order in the best possible way.

Trusted Partners

The following companies are just an example of thousands of others that trust Wiredzone as their supplier for high-end computer servers and parts.

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