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NETGEAR GS116NA ProSafe GS116 16 Port Gigabit Desktop
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• Runs silently without a fan
• Fits neatly into small workspaces
• Saves energy when port is unused
• Up to 10x faster than Fast Ethernet

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NETGEAR JGS524NA 24 Ports ProSafe Switch - Layer 2
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• Full duplex capability
• 24 ports - unmanaged
• Easy to set up and use
• External power adapter

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NETGEAR JGS516NA 16 Ports ProSafe Switch - EN Fast EN
In Stock

• Flexible
• Affordable
• High Capacity
• 60% lower power

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Out of Stock

• Auto Uplink technology
• No software to configure
• Solidly built in small sizes
• Fastest possible connection

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• Auto Uplink technology
• No software to configure
• Solidly built in small sizes
• Fastest possible connection

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NETGEAR FS116PNA 16-port ProSafe Desktop Switch with 8
In Stock

• Quiet and Compact
• Ideal for small business
• 16-Port Switch with 8-port PoE
• Advanced auto-sensing algorithm

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NETGEAR FS108PNA 8-port ProSafe Switch - EN Fast EN -
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• Auto-uplink
• Flow control
• Auto-sensing
• Store and forward

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Supermicro MBM-XEM-100 Blade 56x 10G Ethernet downlink, 4x 100G/40G Ethernet uplinks (each can split into 4x 25G or 4x 10G uplinks
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• Switch access password protection
• 10GbE solution for Cloud environment
• Include connection to MicroBlade's LAN interfaces

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NETGEAR XSM4316S-100NES Stackable Managed Switch with 16x10G
In Stock

• Remote Switch Port Analyzer; ARP support
• Out-of-band 1G Ethernet management port
• 8-port (RJ45); 8-port (SFP+) all independent
• Half-width form factor 1 & 2 unit rack mount kit

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Supermicro MBM-GEM-004 MicroBlade Switch Module - Broadcom BCM56151 1GbE Switch
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• Redundant Switch; 1 Console port
• Switch access password protection
• Broadcom BCM56151 1GbE Switch
• 10 gigabit optical Ethernet SFP+/copper

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Supermicro SSE-X24SR 24-port Layer 3 10-Gigabit SFP+ 1U Ethernet Networking Switch
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• Link Aggregation support
• Non-blocking Connectivity
• High-Performance/Density
• Reverse Airflow (back to front)

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Supermicro MBM-XEM-002 Broadcom 10GbE Switch for MicroBlade - Low Latency Switch, 2x 40G QSFP or 4x 10Gbps SFP+ uplinks, 56x 10Gbps or 1Gbps downlinks
In Stock

• Flow control; Port mirroring
• 10GbE Low Latency Switch
• Access Control Lists (to 4K)
• Switch access password protection

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NETGEAR GS110TP-200NAS Prosafe 8-Port Gigabit PoE Smart Switch with 2 Gigabit Fiber SFP
Out of Stock

• 8-port Gigabit PoE Smart Managed Switch
• Port-based security by locked MAC addresses
• Web-based and backup/restore Configurations
• Up to 70% power savings VS to non-Green version

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Supermicro MBM-XEM-001 Intel 10GbE Switch for MicroBlade - Low Latency Switch,4x 40G QSFP uplinks, 56x10Gbps downlinks, 1 Console Port, 1 USB Port
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• Switch access password protection
• RADIUS and TACACS+ Authentication
• Intel FM6348 10GbE Low Latency Switch
• 4x 40G QSFP uplinks; 56x10Gbps downlinks

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NETGEAR GSM5212-100NES 12 Ports ProSafe M4100-D12G Switch
In Stock

• Port mirroring
• 2 x shared SFP
• Software Included
• Multicast VLAN Registration

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Supermicro MBM-GEM-003S MicroBlade Switch Module
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Supermicro MBM-GEM-003i MicroBlade Switch Module
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Supermicro SSE-X24S 24-port Layer 3 10-Gigabit 1U Ethernet Networking Switch

• Link Aggregation support
• Non-blocking Connectivity
• High-Performance/Density
• Regular Airflow (front to back)

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