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Supermicro CSE-113MFAC2-R407RCB 1U Rackmount 400W Power supply
  • Provides 1x Full-Height Expansion Slot

  • Includes 400W redundant power supply

  • Eight 2.5in drive bays for SAS/SATA drives

  • Support single and dual Intel / AMD processors

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Supermicro CSE-116AC10-R860CB-N10 1U Rackmount 800W/860W Power Supply
  • Equipped with high-efficiency power supply

  • Supports maximum motherboard sizes of 12" x 13"

  • High-performance fans provide ample optimized cooling

  • Ten hard drive bays for 2.5" hot-swappable NVMe/SAS drives

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Supermicro CSE-818A-1400B 1U Rackmount 1400W Power Supply
  • 1400W high-efficiency power supply with PMBus

  • Power Switch, Reset Switch and 5 LED Indicators

  • 3x 3.5" hot-swap U320/160 SAS / SATA drive bays

  • Support Quad Intel 1567-pin LGA Socket Processors

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Supermicro CSE-826BAC12-R802LPB 2U Rackmount 800W Power supply
  • Includes seven low-profile I/O expansion slots

  • Twelve slots for SAS3 and SATA3/NVMe drives

  • The chassis is equipped with 800W Redundant Power Supply

  • supports 3 cooling fans, a convenient power switch, reset button

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Supermicro CSE-836BE1C-R1K03JBOD JBOD 3U Chassis + 16 x Seagate ST16000NM000J Hard Drives - BUNDLE

• Ideal for Cloud backup
• 3U Storage JBOD Chassis
• 5 hot-plug redundant cooling fans
• Up to 16 x 3.5 hot-swap HDD bays

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Supermicro CSE-846BE1C8-R1K23B4 4U Rackmount 1200W/1000W Power supply
  • Support dual and Single Intel and AMD processors

  • Includes seven slots, five hot-swap redundant cooling fans

  • 1200W/1000W Titanium redundant Power Supply W/PMbus

  • Chassis supports up to 24x 3.5" hot-swap SAS/SATA drives

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Supermicro CSE-847BE1C12-R1K68LPB4 4U Rackmount 800/1600W Power supply
  • Supporting SAS3/SATA3 HDDs with 12 Gbps throughput

  • Designs provide high-density storage in a 4U form factor

  • Equipped with a 1280W Platinum Level redundant power supply

  • HDD carrier design to dampen vibration & maximize performance

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Supermicro CSE-847BE1C4-R1K23LPB4 4U Rackmount 1200W/1000W Power supply
  • Offers 36x hot-swap 3.5" SAS/SATA hard drive bays

  • Equipped with 1200W/1000W Titanium Power Supply W/PMbus

  • Chassis accepts motherboard size: 12" x 10", 13.68" x 13", 9.6" x 9.6"

  • Includes seven slots, 7x hot-plug 80mm fans, system status LED indicators

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Supermicro CSE-847BE1C4-R1K62LPB 4U Rackmount 1600W Power Supply
  • Designs provide high-density storage in a 4U form factor

  • HDD carrier design to dampen vibration and maximize performance

  • Equipped with AC-DC 1600W Redundant Titanium Level power supply

  • Backplane with Expander support up to 8 x 3.5" SAS3/SATA3 HDD/SDD

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Supermicro CSE-847BE1C4-R1K68LPB 4U Rackmount 1600W Power Supply
  • Equipped with 1600W Power Supply Titanium level

  • Support Dual and Single Intel and AMD Processors

  • 36x 3.5in Hot-swap SAS/SATA3 drive bay with SES3

  • Includes seven expansion slots, System status LED indicators

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Supermicro CSE-947SE1C-R1K66JBOD 4U JBOD Storage Chassis 1600W Power Supply
  • Equipped with two redundant high-efficiency power supplies

  • CSE-947S JBOD is a reliable, easy-to-maintain storage system

  • Six 80mm high-speed, low-vibration, hot-swappable cooling fans

  • Offers extra high density of HDDs per space ratio in a 4U form factor

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Supermicro CSE-947SE2C-R1K66JBOD 4U JBOD Storage Chassis 1600W Power Supply
  • Networking IPMI port used for remote management

  • Six, hot-swap 80mm high-speed, low vibration cooling fans

  • Two, redundant hot-swap 1600W titanium-level power supplies

  • Support 60 3.5" Top Loading SAS3 12 Gb/s Hot-Swappable HDDs

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Supermicro CSE-LA26AC12-R920LP1 2U Rackmount 920W Power Supply
  • Support Dual and Single Intel and AMD processors

  • Seven available slots for low-profile expansion cards

  • 12x 3.5"/2.5" SAS3/SATA hot-swap storage drive bays

  • Ideal for cloud and virtualization, simulation applications

Supermicro SBE-710Q-D32 Blade Enclosure

Supermicro SBE-714D-R48 Blade Enclosure

Supermicro SBE-714E-R48 Blade Enclosure

Supermicro SBE-820C-420D Blade Enclosure

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Supermicro SBE-820C-820D Blade Enclosure

Supermicro SBE-820H-622 Blade Enclosure

Supermicro SBE-820H-822 Blade Enclosure